July 18, 2013

How to Dress Like Blair Waldorf (without the trust fund)

 Watching Gossip Girl is my guilty pleasure. It certainly isn't the most believable or superiorly written show I have seen, but I cannot help my obsession. I may or may not own several seasons. Blair Waldorf, the character played by actress Leighton Meester, has great style. Classic and polished, she looks put together even when her oh-so-dramatic life is virtually falling apart. Although I will never have the clothing budget to exactly duplicate her outfits, I can do my best to translate her style to my much calmer, Cincinnati lifestyle. Until I find a job where I can lounge around in a designer negligee and drink mimosas all day, that is.

Outfit I Adore #1

 This look is perfect for the office or any occasion where you need to be a little prim. Lots of texture and a little bit of pattern ensures that the relatively neutral color palette isn't boring.

My Version
Blair Waldorf Inspiration #1

This version costs less than $250 using pieces from Mango, Charlotte Russe, www.lorisshoes.com, and JCPenney.

Outfit I Adore #2
Blair is the queen of making outerwear the linchpin of your outfit. Tights are a must in cooler weather, but a pop of color and some great shoes keeps the look fun.

My Version 
Blair Waldorf Inspiration #2

We all know outwear can be expensive, but guess what? This gorgeous coat from Mango is only $45!

Outfit I Adore #3
Blair does gorgeous, feminine outfits quite often, but I especially love the use of texture here.
My Version
Blair Waldorf Inspiration #3

Classic shoes and a simple color palette make playing with texture easy, even for the more timid Blair fan.



  1. Wow!! You found some great pieces that are spot on!! Gorgeous. :)

  2. I love these... All these outfits are amazing!
    I LOVE Blairs outfits, and you nailed it... Can you post more?!?!?


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