June 27, 2014

The 2-minute Morning Rituals that Improve My Day

I often tell people I'm a morning person by nature. Lately though, I've been wondering how much of my happiness in the mornings can be attributed to personality, and how much is due to preparation. I love my morning ritual because it sets me up for all-day success.

Lemon water

Right after I wake up, I pop a mug of filtered water in the microwave, then cut a lemon in half and add the juice. I used to skip lemon water in favor of coffee, but since committing to this habit, I feel so much more refreshed in the morning. I still enjoy my coffee once I get to the office, but I've completely stopped making it in my apartment during the week - a major morning time saver for me.

The Skimm

LOVE! The Skimm takes the biggest headlines of the day, condenses them, filters them into plain English, and emails them to you every weekday. If it's political, they give both sides of the issue. Super easy way to keep up with news!I like to read the latest news in the morning, both so that my brain is a little jump-started, and so that I am knowledgeable when I run into senior executives at the office coffee machine. The Skimm presents the headlines in an entertaining, informative, and easy to navigate format. Bonus: It arrives in my inbox at 6 a.m., so it's ready for me when I wake up. Sign up here

Leaving early

I loathe being late. Leaving for work just a couple minutes early ensures that I arrive feeling ready to tackle the day, instead of flustered. I set everything that I need to take to work by the door as I'm getting ready to avoid a last-minute scramble.

What do you do in the morning to start your day off right? I want to know!