101 Things in 1001 Days

Have you heard of Day Zero Project? It's an online hub of goal-setters, list lovers, inspirational people, and all around awesome stuff. Instead of creating an open-ended "bucket list" or the same old New Years resolutions, people choose 101 things they want to do in 1001 days. I am constantly inspired by the achievements and adventures of others, so I decided to share my own personal list.

Progress: {43 complete, 58 to go}

End Date: May 18, 2016 

  1.  Run a 5k race {Bockfest 5K 3/08/14}
  2.  Learn to play golf
  3.  Adopt a dog
  4.  Take a cake decorating/baking class
  5.  Try an out-of-my-comfort-zone fitness class (kickboxing, hot yoga, etc.) {Elmntl Fitness}
  6.  Make a list of 5 people who have positively influenced me and write them thank you letters {0/5}
  7.  Give money to a street performer
  8.  Send Christmas cards
  9.   Learn how to say “Hello” in 5 languages
  10.   Go to the library, close my eyes and pick a random book that I have to read
  11.   Make a t-shirt quilt out of my college/sorority shirts
  12. Find the perfect Little Black Dress
  13.  Backpack through Europe
  14. Go to a hockey game {Cincinnati Cyclones}
  15. Visit a city I’ve never been to before {Charlotte, NC Nov. 2014}
  16. Be able to better define my aesthetic, both in fashion and interior design
  17. Create a vision board
  18. Get my writing published in print
  19. Take my mom for a pedicure
  20. Revitalize an old piece of furniture {coffee table}
  21. Find my signature scent 
  22. Find my signature cocktail {When in doubt: Hendrick's martini, up, with a twist}
  23. Learn to French braid
  24. See five Audrey Hepburn films {2/5}
  25. Learn basic French phrases
  26.  Perfect a personal bio
  27. Go wine tasting 
  28. Complete a crossword puzzle with no assistance
  29. Redesign the blog
  30. Learn basic photoshop
  31. See a ballet
  32.  Edit my possessions, donating/trashing anything I no longer love or need {moving into a teeny apartment makes this so necessary!}
  33. Participate in a yoga challenge {12/2014}
  34.  Get a full length mirror
  35. Be a guest blogger for someone {Check out my Post-Grad Wardrobe Essentials on Soul in Stilettos!}
  36. Get headshots taken for professional use
  37. Build my loungewear/pajama collection (see Ditching the Sweatpants)
  38. Send 50 handwritten notes {24/50}
  39. Attend a Delta Gamma alumnae event
  40. Learn to do the sock bun successfully
  41. Crow pose for 8 breaths (yoga)
  42. Do a unassisted handstand (yoga)
  43.  Visit Louisville friends
  44.  Visit a new country
  45. Go canoeing or kayaking
  46. Volunteer with a new (to me) organization {Disabled American Veterans}
  47. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  48.  Go for a run in Central Park
  49. Go iceskating
  50. Shoot a gun
  51. Learn to ski
  52. 52.   Buy myself flowers for no reason
  53. Eat in a restaurant alone (coffee shops and the like don’t count!)
  54. Ask 10 friends to suggest a book, then read them all {1/10}
  55. Take a trip from The New York Times 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in the USA & Canada 
  56. Purchase business cards {3/2014}
  57. Find and stock a bar cart
  58. Meet up with a blogger friend
  59.  Buy a classic handbag
  60. Start juicing
  61. Celebrate NYE brilliantly {Chicago 2015}
  62. Collaborate with a brand I love
  63.  Find my perfect pen
  64.  Go to homecoming as an alumna
  65.  Own personalized stationery
  66. Have afternoon tea
  67. See an outdoor movie
  68. Join a book club
  69. Go horseback riding {Tennessee for Labor Day 2014}
  70. Attend a charity gala
  71. Make bourbon slush that lives up to my aunt's recipe {Tennessee for Labor Day 2014}
  72.  Throw a party for a friend {baby shower, 9/2014}
  73. Perfect an updo 
  74. Go camping
  75.  Get a potted plant and keep it alive
  76. Clean up my bookmarks/favorites (long overdue)
  77. Update my LinkedIn profile 
  78. Learn calligraphy
  79. Take a flower arranging class
  80.  Learn to play Euchre
  81. Make a book of a year in pictures
  82. Spend a day walking around a new neighborhood {Doylestown, PA}
  83. Find an antique item I love
  84. 84.   Subscribe to a magazine that inspires me
  85. Give 5 little “just because” gifts {4/5}
  86. Be 100% debt free
  87. Wear an awesome Halloween costume (you know, the kind where people actually guess who you are, and the description cannot possibly contain the word "slutty")
  88.  Live alone {Cincinnati, OH 11/2013}
  89. Get hired for freelance
  90. Attend a Derby party
  91. Create a gallery wall in my apartment
  92.  Attend a large yoga event {runOMcincy}
  93. Learn 5 new things about each of my parents. {Mom: 0/5} {Dad: 0/5}
  94. See a movie alone
  95. Be a sighted guide for a runner
  96. Attend a writing workshop
  97. Spread Valentine's Day love to lots of people, not just my significant other
  98. Bring a homeless person lunch
  99. Do yoga every day for a month
  100. Attend a multiple day music festival                      
  101. Celebrate completing all 101 things!

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