August 16, 2013

Ditching the Sweatpants

Whether you go to bed alone or happen to be in good company, there is something luxurious about pretty sleepwear. Two beautiful (and famous) blondes have expressed differing opinions on the matter:


I tend to side with Heidi on this one. I actually blame Gossip Girl for my love of beautiful sleepwear, though. It seems like nearly every episode displays Blair and Serena looking chic even when going to bed.

Even for those of us not living drama-filled lives on the Upper East Side, putting a little more effort in to what you sleep in is a simple way to indulge yourself. I can guarantee my hair doesn't typically look as good as Blair and Serena's while I'm wearing them, but here are a few of my favorite pieces:


P.S. In the interest of full disclosure, I feel obligated to tell you that I do still own sweatpants. There are days when nothing silky, lacy, or pretty works quite as well.

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