April 29, 2014

Kate Moss for Topshop

Kate Moss's first collection for Topshop in four years launches today, and the fast fashion world is buzzing. This might be the only day I've longed to return to Oxford Circus (if you've visited London, you know what I'm talking about). The collection aims to recreate Kate's most iconic looks and capture her mellow-meets-glam party girl style.

While we'd all love to look as great as the fashion icon in these pieces, the collection is receiving mixed reviews. Alison says we've seen it all before (in the previous 14 collections Kate has done with Topshop) and describes the collection as dated and difficult to wear. While I agree with the critics of the collection on many points, I think the line has easy summertime glamour appeal. Here are the my picks:

Paisley print sundress, £65.00

Jewel bead overlay dress, £600.00

Scallop trim cami, £38.00

Not interested in shopping the collection? Check out these tips for achieving Kate's style without the fast fashion emulation.

What do you think of the collection? Will you be shopping?


April 27, 2014

Sunday Steals: Seaside Edition

If there's any place that I constantly want to be, it's the beach. Spending time in coastal towns, and indulging in anything to do with the sea, make me the happiest girl in the world.  I found some shopping steals perfect your next getaway:

Michael Kors sunglasses $79.90 (originally $109)

Lilly Pulitzer bikinis $24.90 (originally $68)

Sperry sandals $39.90 (originally $78)

All are available at RueLaLa (here's your invitation). Hurry - they sell out quickly!

And to get you ready for the week ahead, check out this awesome TED Talk playlist about defining success. Have less than 10 minutes? This talk from Richard St. John on the 8 traits of successful people is just 7 minutes long:


April 23, 2014

On People Changing

Regardless of the fact that we live in a fast paced and ultra-connected world, there seems to be one constant, unwavering aspect of humanity - other people with traits you don't like. I've heard it a hundred times: you can't change another person. Most often, this is said in reference to the opposite sex.

 Pinterest and Tumblr are overflowing with images proclaiming that you should accept people how they are or start living without them, approximately one million Marilyn Monroe quotes about handling someone at their worst, and general twenty-something angst about our inability to change less-than-desirable personality traits.

Perhaps it's true that you cannot force someone to change (and that would hardly be a healthy relationship). However, recent personality psychology research suggests that people can and do change significantly, and that key people in their life can be the catalyst.

Several research studies over the past few years have shown that your personality changes over the course of adulthood, specifically as a result of life events such as entering into a relationship or career advances. From age 20-65 an increase in positive traits (think emotional stability and responsibility) is reported, and titled the Maturity Principle by psychologists.

Well, duh. I think any girl who has dated both men her age and older men can vouch for the validity of these findings. Growing up comes with a lot of unfortunate consequences (hi there, taxes) but a lot of great ones too.

The part that stuck out to me is that happy people had a greater increase in the positive personality traits over the next four years compared to their unhappy peers. So on the rough days, remember that a positive outlook doesn't just help you today, but maybe for years to come. While you're at it, smile at as many people as possible - you never know what kind of change you could cause.


April 15, 2014

The Liebster Award

I’m so excited to be nominated by Corinne from The Life Scout for the Liebster Award!  The Liebster Award is given to promote a newer blog they think is worth following, and to learn a little more about fellow bloggers.  If you haven't visited The Life Scout yet, I'd highly recommend it!  
(By the way, "liebster" is German for "dearest" or "darling" - warm fuzzy feelings all around)

Part of the Liebster award is that I have to answer some questions about myself and Suppose Anything Goes, then pass the award along to a new set of bloggers I enjoy following. This is a great way to discover some new blogs and to support the community!

What made you start blogging?
I was in a major period of transition in my life, and needed an outlet for some energy.  Suppose Anything Goes arose out of the fact that at that point in my life, "anything goes" was par for the course. Instead of fighting the flux (type A/borderline control freak problems), I decided to embrace it. 
I also really enjoy learning new skills, and all the little things that come with blogging appealed to me as a fun challenge.  

Who is your favorite blogger?
I am constantly inspired by Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere, and Jacey from Damsel in Dior

What is one word you would use to describe yourself?
I asked my best friend to provide an answer for this one, and his response was "Impossibletodescribeinonlyoneword." Ha! I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
I'm absolutely a morning person, but preferably a caffeinated morning person. I think there's something so special about the earliest hours of the day - full of possibility!

What is on your bucket list?
I would love to travel to every continent. On a smaller scale, I keep a 101 Things in 1001 Days list, and love crossing things off! 

Are you a cat person or a dog person?
I love all animals (seriously - all living creatures), but I'm a dog person. I think it's because I understand their behavior way more than I understand cats. Plus, you can't beat the happy greeting they give you! 

What is the last film you saw?
The last movie I saw in theaters was American Hustle, which I enjoyed a lot. The most recent older film I watched was Amélie - if you haven't seen it, remedy that immediately! 

What is the farthest place you have ever traveled?
That would be Italy, as part of my two month long backpacking trip in Europe. Hopefully that is no longer true in the near future - I have a serious case of wanderlust. 

What's the best advice you have ever received?
My father is a pastor and quoted many Bible verses while I was growing up. One that  stuck with me is Philippians 2:14-15: "Do all things without complaining and disputing, that you may become blameless and harmless."  I'm sure I take the verse out of  context, but whenever I'm at a loss for what I should do in a situation, I focus on the word "blameless." To me, that means making the choice that I proudly accept all possible consequences of, and that does no harm to others.  It's also a great reminder that complaining gets you nowhere! 

You can take three beauty products with you to a deserted island. What would you take?
Sunscreen, Smith's Rosebud Salve, and Chanel Inimitable mascara 

What is your dream job?
In some ways, I'm doing it! I love having a flexible schedule and being surrounded by things and people who inspire me. I'd love to work as a magazine editor or community manager, though.

Thanks again Corinne! Here are some blogs I would like to nominate:
Summer from La Petite Rousse
Rachel from Cupcakes & Mimosas
Cori from Furniture Steals
Karalina from Happy and Healthy

April 14, 2014

April Showers

Spring is definitely underway, complete with lots of rain. I don't mind rainy days. There's something impossibly cozy about spring thunderstorms. They do, however, require some special gear. I love my Hunter boots. I found one of their special edition pairs in the brightest pink. They always perk up my rainy walk, and they're boots of amazing quality.  I'm currently shopping for a new umbrella (thanks a lot, gale-force winds) and I love the classic style of trench coats.

What are your rainy day essentials?


April 11, 2014

Splurge or Save: Spring Essentials

The arrival of spring definitely calls for a wardrobe refresh, but that doesn't have to mean emptying your bank account. I believe the criteria for an "investment piece" differ for everyone. Finding new pieces doesn't have to be expensive, especially if you know an item won't get lots of love in your wardrobe. Some things (for me, the Tory Burch dress below) are too beautiful to skimp on.

Whether you're looking to splurge or save on some new pieces, here are my spring wardrobe essentials:

 Flowy White Tank

Milly $215 // LuLu's $33

Color Blocked Sandal 

Chloe $695 // Splendid $68

Printed Day Dress

Tory Burch $325 // LuLu's $46

What are your essential pieces for spring?


April 7, 2014

Monday Meetup: History in High Heels

What's better than a lovely blogger with style? A lovely, smart blogger with style. I've been reading History in High Heels since its very beginning, and Ashley couldn't be any sweeter. One thing that stands out about her blog is her Preppy Printshop. Ashley designs fun, colorful prints and provides a selection of free printables to her readers. She also has an Etsy shop for prints and pillows. 

Current location
Tampa, Florida

 PhD History Student (during the academic year) and Associate Director for a Study Abroad Program (in the summer)

How would you describe your personal style, in both fashion and design?
I think my style is classic with a twist. I love classic shapes and clean lines, but in bright colors and bold patterns! I am also a sucker for cheeky themed items, á la kate spade.

 What is one item you’re saving up for?
Right now I am saving up for my summer travels. I promise myself I will visit one new European city each year! This year it’s going to be Berlin. There are also certain things I love to buy when I am in Italy - sandals in Capri and Ferragamo in Florence.

 What is something on your bucket list (or 101 in 1001 list!)?
Climbing the Great Wall of China!

Have you always been drawn to art?
Yes! I loved to draw as a child and was placed into advanced art classes fairly early in school. I almost went to art school, but I never really felt like I “fit in” with other art students. While I love art and being creative, I never wanted it to define me. Ultimately, I decided to attend a liberal arts college so I could pursue other interests (like history).

What is your design process like, from start to finish?
I look for inspiration everywhere and I am constantly taking pictures. I usually have bouts of creativity and once I start a design I have to finish it. I draw everything by hand in photoshop.

 What is your favorite print?
Right now my favorite print (and pillow) is my Kate Spade inspired “Ciao Bella.” But this changes all the time! I promised myself I would only create and sell things that I love, so this is a really tough question!

 What’s up next for History in High Heels and the Preppy Printshop?
Oh gosh who knows! I hope to keep pushing my creativity and coming up with new ideas. I would love to add mugs and stationary. As for the blog, I feel really lucky that people are reading it and enjoying it! Hopefully I can continue to provide entertaining, relatable, and meaningful content.

Here are some of my own favorite designs from History in High Heels:

1 // 2 // 3 

Thanks Ashley!


(P.S. If you know a blogger that you'd like to see on Monday Meetup, leave your recommendation in the comments, or send me an email at rachel.e.medlock@gmail.com!)

April 4, 2014

Friday Five

1. The Many Shoes of Carrie Bradshaw from Pop Chart Lab
I got a surprise in the mail yesterday, in the form of this print! I am (shamelessly) still in love with Sex and the City. The print has 50 pairs of hand-illustrated shoes from all the iconic scenes. I'll be adding it to my gallery wall as a daily reminder that really great shoes can make life just a little more fun.

2. Lonely Lingerie
I stumbled across Lonely Lingerie and love their delicate designs, like this Sabel bra in cobalt.

3. Quote
It's no secret I'm addicted to quotes. This one popped up on Pinterest, and I thought it was a lovely sentiment.

4. Elizabeth Mayville print
Simple, pretty, and bright - this print (available from Design Darling) will be another great addition to my apartment.

5. Kenneth Jay Lane Weave Cuff
This cuff (on sale!) would be a fun addition to spring and summer looks. It strikes the perfect balance of intricacy and simplicity.

What's on your radar this week? Happy Friday!


April 1, 2014

Three Ways to Wear Distressed Denim

I fell in love with a pair of distressed Joe's Jeans recently, and they've already been shown lots and lots of love in my wardrobe. Here are three ways I've been wearing distressed denim this spring.

1. Boho weekend

{Top: BCBGMAXAZRIA. Similar here}
{Bag: Local boutique find. Similar here and here}
{Wedges: unisa. Similar here and here}

Comfortable enough for errands, dressed up enough for coffee dates and brunch. 

2. Night out

{Jacket: collection. Similar here and here}
{Top: Pleione. Similar here}
{Shoes: BCBGeneration. Similar here

Even when the days are gorgeous, the nights get a little chilly. I've been adding a neutral jacket with a fun ruffle detail to stay warm.

3. Super casual

{Flats: Tory Burch}

Yesterday was Opening Day, which is basically a holiday in Cincinnati. I'm excited baseball season is back, and these jeans are laid back enough for the stadium. Comfortable flats make walking around the city a breeze! 

How do you style your distressed denim?