July 23, 2013

Best. Concealer. Ever

As much as I love cosmetics, I'm not usually a shout-it-from-the-mountaintops kind of girl when it comes to specific products. However, something this great needs to be shared. I recently purchased this adorable product after I ran out of my usual Laura Mercier cover up.

I have stubborn dark circles under my eyes (thanks, genetics) and the occasional blemish I'd rather not show the world. Benefit's Erase Paste is perfect. It is super creamy and concentrated, so you get a lot for the price. While it only comes in three shades (fair, medium, and dark), it is blendable enough that my friends of all skin tones agree it can work for virtually anyone.

I really like that it is a brightening formula, which helps erase any signs of eye fatigue. It also creases minimally, and only after about 8 hours of wear. Erase Paste also seems fairly water resistant - great for pool days! You seriously need the tiniest amount - too much and it will look "cakey" since it is such a concentrated formula. I apply mine with a concealer brush when I have time, but simply pat some on with my ring finger most days. I would definitely recommend it!

*The opinions in this review are my own. I have not been compensated by Benefit in any way.


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