September 30, 2013

Wanderlust: Favorite Moments in Paris

Last night, I watched The Way. It's a film about El Camino de Santiago, or the Way of St. James. The beautiful footage in the film has me reminiscing about my own travels. This past summer, I was so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to travel parts of Europe for 6 whole weeks.

Naturally, Paris was included in the trip, and the city didn't disappoint. I'm reminiscing about all the lovely experiences, with the help of some (um, several thousand...) photos.  Here are some of my favorite moments from the visit:

This amazing street performer by Sacré-Coeur

The most perfect pink roses

The Louvre at night - much more peaceful

Picnic in the park with Ladurée macarons

Drinking wine by the Seine (with an excellent view of Notre-Dame)

Finally, the Eiffel Tour light show, of course

Have you ever been to Paris? Currently seeking travel partners for another visit...
(All Most photo credit goes to Jeff Steller. He's an excellent travel partner! The picture on the Seine was snapped by the ever-spontaneous Bastian Delacorte)


  1. Between our love of blogging, photography, traveling and Paris - I better be on your list to go back to Europe with! :)

  2. Nice entry! I'm just wondering how Jeff managed to make the "Crémant at the Seine" picture ;)
    PS: glad you didn't get the "Paris syndrome", a psychological disorder by which especially Japanese tourist are affected.

    1. Haha, you always keep me on my toes Bastian! Paris wouldn't have been nearly as wonderful without your company.

  3. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I have not been to Paris before but it is definitely on my list. Hoping to take my very first European adventure in 2014!!

  4. Your pictures are giving me wanderlust now! I have just discovered your blog and love it... especially since your most recent post asks for travel companions... You can add me to the list!


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