September 4, 2013

Taming the Mane

I have a lot of hair. I frequently break hair ties because it's so thick, and my ponytails are constantly being compared to horse tails (not nice, friends). I've always bounced around from stylist to stylist, because it's  pretty hard to mess up long layers, you know? I am super excited about my latest appointment though. It's at Jim Brofft Salon Central, and I have only heard wonderful things about this salon. Or maybe I'm just reminded of my recent trip to London every time I look at their logo...

I've been searching for pictures of haircuts I love. While I will not be cutting my hair short again (I have PTSD from the post-breakup disaster of 2009), I want to be more specific than just saying "long layers" when I'm in the salon chair tomorrow.

 I can't decide! Which is your favorite?


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