October 7, 2013

Crafting for Winos

Lately I've been learning more about (and tasting...) wine whenever I can. While I don't really aspire to reach a sommelier's level of understanding, it would be nice to have a more developed wine palate and truly appreciate what I'm drinking.

With all this wine comes a lot of corks. I always save them...but for what? Pinterest to the rescue! Here are some of my favorite repurposed wine cork ideas:

1. Wine cork holder
Corny? Maybe. Adorable? Definitely. Every now and then, it's probably good to remind yourself not to drink alone. I like the idea of the cork collection doubling as decoration. This one can be purchased on Etsy, but I'm confident I could make my own.

 Personalized Wine Cork Holder

2. Wine cork initial
I love this one, especially with the tinted ends of the corks facing out. The letters can be used as wall art or made into a wreath. You can find instructions here.

Wine Cork Letters - charming, unique & fun on Etsy, $22.50

3.  Wine cork board
There are a lot of wine cork board images out there, but this one is my absolute favorite. It would be so easy to customize the frame to your decor.

4. Wine cork magnets
I love the idea of using them on your fridge for a super simple but personalized look.

Wine Cork Magnets

Have you ever successfully re-purposed wine corks? Any tips?



  1. So cute! I wish I drank enough wine to make something like this!

  2. I love all of these ideas! I'm so lucky to be in Italy and drinking a ton of great wine, so I should definitely start doing something with the corks!




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