October 16, 2013

Halloween Chic

This will be my first post-college Halloween, and quite honestly...I have no idea what psuedo-adults do on this holiday. I'm past the point where dodging drunk freshmen sounds even remotely fun, and not yet at the stage where you stay home and pass out candy. I might never be ready for that dull of a holiday evening, actually.

If you happen to be attending a party, do yourself a favor and bypass the highly flammable and unflattering costume choices provided by mega-stores. Other retailers also get in the Halloween spirit, and know how to celebrate with a lot more style. Case in point: BCBG Maxazria. They're featuring fun accessories and gorgeous clothing that works perfectly for costumes.

I love this chic take on a goddess:

If a pirate is more your style, this fun accessory can dress up pieces you already own:

And finally, if you just want to drink the questionably colored punch and have fun with your friends....you can always be an animal:

Do you have plans for a costume?



  1. I love those little gold antlers! So cute!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  2. The head pieces are my favorite! I can wear them even when its not Halloween.


  3. BCBG is such a great idea, I did not even think to look there for this chic-er pieces! This is the first year I took off work and am going home to trick-or-treat with my nieces...does this mean I am getting old or just trying to relive my childhood?! :) My puppy will be in full attire though!

    xo Kendall



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