March 18, 2014

White (Night) Out

As much as I love a little black dress, there's something so chic about a night out in all white. I love pairing a statement necklace with these beautiful white cocktail dresses.


{left to right}

Cincy Chic is hosting Night in White next month - the perfect excuse to wear a LWD.  The event is being held at Obscura, my new favorite cocktail lounge downtown.

Photos courtesy of Obscura Cincinnati

So perfect for a girls night out! Proceeds from the event go to the Eight Days & One Hour Foundation's Stephen Morsch Nursing Scholarship.

Do you have a favorite LWD?



  1. I love the LWD! I have so many wedding this summer so I will have to reserve white for the brides, but I want to grab a few white dresses for fun nights out!

  2. i love a great LWD, but find them so hard to wear! so afraid of stains!

    reckless abandon

  3. Hope I'll get to run into you there!!

  4. Amazing and very unique pattern. What a idea of white dress!!1 I love your matching idea with all other using accessories. You and your accessories are looking awesome. Keep up updating the post regularly.....

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