March 17, 2014

Espresso at Home

Did you know that you can easily (and inexpensively) make espresso at home? Instead of a fancy espresso machine, you just need one of these guys:

I purchased one after enjoying a daily espresso in Europe. While I still enjoy my regular coffee, a stove-top espresso maker is a nice addition to any kitchen, and a great gift for your favorite coffee addict. You just need finely ground coffee, water, and a stove-top! It couldn't be easier. 

 You'll also need espresso cups. The tiny size gives them potential to be the most darling items in your kitchen. Here are my favorites:

{top to bottom}

The Pantone cups are so fun and colorful, while the Hotel Collection bone china (available at Macy's) is simple and classic. Obviously, I adore the polka dot Kate Spade set. I found the final set on Etsy - each cup depicts a different French street scene. Love!



  1. That Kate Spade mug is everything! So cute - I love the gold dots.

  2. Emily,
    That one is my favorite too! Kate Spade has several patterns, but I just adore their polka dots.


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