November 19, 2013

Ikea Desk Upcycle

In need of a desk and inspired by Kelly, I decided to grab the Vittsjo desk from Ikea for a DIY project. It's only $39.99, so I figured my project couldn't go too badly. The desk is the perfect size for me, and I like the streamlined, open/airy feel.

I picked up a jar of Liquid Leaf from a nearby craft store for just $6 and started applying it all over the steel frame using gloves (very important!) and a paper towel. I prefer liquid leaf to spray paint because it has additional depth. An old dress bag served as a drop-cloth to save my kitchen tile. This is what the first coat looked like: 

After allowing it to dry, I went back and applied a second layer of Liquid Leaf with a foam brush. The desk also comes with a little shelf, so I used plain old masking tape to create stripes. I subconsciously tried to channel Kate Spade a little, maybe?

Aaaand the finished product (although the space is certainly still in need of some styling): 

Stay tuned for more DIY projects! The joys of a new apartment...


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