November 3, 2014

What Would You Change About Your Body?

Commercials. Magazines. Billboards. Social media. 

Throughout the day, we're exposed to thousands of images and messages. Maybe millions, if you work in a digital field like I do.

While we might not realize it at the time, those messages become ingrained in us, and often make us feel less-than. I love being inspired by others, but when's the last time you focused on how you felt more than how you looked?

This awesome video from Jubilee Project  needs to be seen. 

November is usually a month that is filled with gratitude. Maybe take a moment today and think of something about your body that you're thankful for.

I'll go first:  I'm grateful that my body still works. Processed food, crash diets, gallons of coffee instead of meals, alcohol-filled weekends, diet pills, and all-nighters have all been a part of my life, and yet my body still gets up in the morning and does whatever I need it to do.  I'm focusing on health more now than ever before, and being rewarded by seeing my body do things it never could.

 It's worthwhile to take care of yourself. It's important. And being grateful for where you are, right this second, doesn't hinder progress.

Although, like the little girl in the video, I would appreciate having a mermaid tail.


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