February 5, 2014

Grown-up Snow Days

This winter, being especially harsh, has me missing the heat of my "other homes" - Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia. I’m a Southern girl, but Cincinnati currently manages to hold my heart despite its icy days. To survive this long (...dark…freezing…) season, I’ve learned to embrace the art of the grown-up snow day. While we might not get a full day off like back in the glorious days of student life, I still believe in embracing the current circumstances. After a slow commute or afternoon spent reminiscing about days where snowfall meant day-drinking and/or sledding with your roommates, sometimes you just need to take extra care of yourself. 

 If you're staying in, loungewear is the mandatory attire in my book. I love the line Tink + Tiger - luxurious, coastal inspiration, and a perfect lookbook. 

I buy fresh flowers weekly, if only to remind myself that spring will be here soon enough. I'm into pink tulips right now. 

L'OCCITANE hand cream is essential with brutal cold and blustery days. 

This throw, available from One Kings Lane, reminds me of log cabins and cozying up in the mountains.

Hot yoga has become my savior for when I just can't shake the winter chill. Nothing warms you up like a workout in 105 degree room. 

All diptyque candles are amazing, but this one (with orange, clove, and cinnamon) is my favorite for chilly nights. 

All you lovely people stay warm out there.



  1. I had a snow day as well! Love the layout of your blog and the graphics in the post :)


  2. We've had 4 "snow" days here in Charleston this month, and its been so nice staying in bed all day long! Netflix and blogging are my 2 favorite ways to pass the time.

    xo Sydney


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